Oriental Garden Acupuncture Clinic

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About Oriental Garden Acupuncture Clinic

Oriental Garden Acupuncture Clinic is a registered and licensed acupuncture clinic which is located at Fulcher Avenue, Cromer.  The main services of Oriental Garden Acupuncture Clinic are the core acupuncture treatments such as back & neck problems treatment, frozen shoulder, headaches, or migraines, specializing in pain relief, skin problems, weight loss, stress, and many other conditions.

Mrs Hua Ying is the owner and key personnel of Oriental Garden. Her self-employed UTR number is 20789 43484. Mrs Lyle is a fully registered practitioner of Acupuncture, with extensive clinical experience and advanced acupuncture skills.

Hua Ying was born and educated in the city of Dalian in northern China. She worked as a middle school teacher for fifteen years. And then attended college and completed the certificate for Acupuncture, Chinese Traditional Massage and other aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Following further studies, Hua Ying came to England in 2006 and opened an Acupuncture and Therapeutic Chinese Massage clinic in Bridlington called Oriental Garden. And this has given Hua Ying rich professional experiences, And she built up a good reputation in Bridlington and in Hull.

At the same time, Hua Ying successfully completed a BA in Business and an MSc masters degree in 2018, from the University of Hull. With the extensive experiences from the works and valuable knowledge learnt from the university.

During 15 years for its friendly and effective service. To ensure that all patients understand and feel great delight in their treatments. When it comes to work, Hua Ying is hardworking and responsible, and is thought of as a kind person, and as someone who can be trusted. Throughout Hua Ying’s career in the 15 years of an acupuncturist, she accumulated extensive clinical experience, advanced acupuncture skills and always obtains effective results.  Hua Ying has successfully treated thousands of patients in Hull Bridlington and East Yorkshire areas.

We treat a wide range of ailments while also giving you the right way to stay safe and healthy. There are a total of 361 acupuncture points in the human body. Through acupuncture and moxibustion to clear the meridians, it can prevent diseases, strengthen the spleen and stomach, and enhance the yang qi. Our natural remedies are designed to keep you healthy and enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable life.

Take advantage of my low-cost high-quality service.